OInvestment Strategy
  • Fundamental value and catalyst investment strategies seeking concentrated long/short US equity investments in the consumer and industrial sectors.Primary research process targeting asymmetric risk/reward profiles (5 to 1) over a medium-term horizon (6-24 months), seeking to exploit the inflection and confluence of earnings and multiple revisions.
  • Private equity-like research approach, uncovering misunderstood earnings drivers through an understanding of KPI’s and unit economics, uncovering significant earnings inflections with a high degree of conviction.
  • Material variant view (i.e., 20%+ EPS variance from both street and buy-side estimates) on both the scope and timing of fundamental transformational earnings re-ratings.
  • Identify Investment opportunities with a special situation and/or event driven catalyst to further augment the upside and mitigate the downside (e.g., management team transition, capital allocation, significant cost restructurings, M&A, asset divestitures, and activism).
  • Low gross (i.e., 150% gross) and net exposure (i.e., 30% net), generating uncorrelated annualized returns through rigorous stock selection rather than leverage, thereby reducing risk.
  • Cognizant of opportunity cost of capital and capturing long term capital gains to generate a high internal rate of return.</li>

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