Marc Chalfin

Marc J. Chalfin, Founder and Portfolio Manager:
Mr. Chalfin manages Windward’s long/short portfolio, aims to invest in positions with highly-favorable return probabilities. Prior to founding Windward Management, Mr. Chalfin was a Portfolio Manager for Shay Capital, where he managed a substantially similar concentrated, consumer-focused portfolio. Prior to his tenure at Shay, Mr. Chalfin was a Managing Director at LionEye Capital Management, where he honed his skills and managed an investment team. Mr. Chalfin’s earlier investment management experience includes serving as Sector Head for Consumer and Special Situations (non-healthcare) for HealthCor Management LP, Senior Generalist Analyst at Brahman Capital and Senior Analyst at Knott Partners. Mr. Chalfin has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University.

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